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This is my newest addition, Missandei.  She’s a 2012 pastel royal (ball) python from

I intend to use her as the start of my planned Royal breeding project, aiming to produce, among others, pewter, super pastel and bumble bee morphs.  My planned purchases (for later this year) will be cinnamon and spider, if I can find ones that I like. She arrived on Friday afternoon, and fed today:


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Rhaegar (T. gracilis)

Meet my newest reptile, Master Rhaegar.  He’s a red=eyed crocodile skink, and I’ve had him just over a week now.





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Snake in the sun

Spring has finally shown its face here, and a few days ago I took Oscar into the garden to enjoy the sun and the photo opportunity. The guinea pigs were out as well, but photographing them in their run isn’t easy, so I didn’t bother on this occasion.

2012-03-22 Oscar 01
He was shy at first and curled up in a ball on the paving stones.

2012-03-22 Oscar 02
He then explored the garden bench.

2012-03-22 Oscar 03
2012-03-22 Oscar 04
2012-03-22 Oscar 05
2012-03-22 Oscar 06
He explored the grass, too.

2012-03-22 Oscar 07
2012-03-22 Oscar 08

After that, he just hung around….
2012-03-22 Oscar 09
2012-03-22 Oscar 10
2012-03-22 Oscar 11

I also did some editing to make the semi-obligatory artsy shots:
2012-03-22 Oscar vintage 022012-03-22 Oscar vintage 01

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2012 new additions

Apologies for my long absence, readers; I don’t like to post without photos, and English winters aren’t the best time for photography.
The old gang are all still with me, so I’ll update on them first.
Master Irwin remains his usual cute self, and apparently I haven’t managed to photograph him for ages.

Master Keiko had a brief brumation, and is now feeling very active and very hungry.

2012-01-31 Keiko
2012-02-14 Keiko and his lunch

Miss Deviant is now 20 inches long, and getting quite heavy.

Master Oscar is now eating small mice, and has yet to refuse a feed (touch wood). He’s also my calmest and friendliest reptile.

Miss Lyra is definitely female (not that I’d have been upset if she hadn’t been, but she’s now old enough for me to be sure that she is indeed a girl), and is quite reclusive. I did, however, manage to get a couple of nice photos of her:

2012-03-11 Lyra 1
2012-03-11 Lyra 2

New additions

Bolin is a Chinese Waterside Skink and isn’t the easiest creature to see, let alone take photographs of, hence my posting the link.

Tinkerbell is a hypo butter female corn snake, pictured here having her first feed with me. She was a birthday present from my mother.

2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 01
2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 02
2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 04

Last but not least Daenarys is a young female crested gecko.

2012-03-08 Daenarys

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Back from hiatus, with some new faces

I’ve gained a few spiders since my last post, so without further ado I’ll introduce them, give updates on existing residents, and save my most exciting addition until the end of the post.

I went to the September Doncaster IHS show, where I was very impressed by the array of animals, and sorely tempted by an M balfouri spiderling. I resisted temptation on the grounds that, as pretty as they are, I’m ethically against bringing an Old World spider into a shared household: I’m young and fit enough that a bite from one, while unpleasant, probably wouldn’t do me any lasting harm – my mother, with whom I live, would probably suffer more, and the cats and the dog would probably be killed by a bite. This is why I refrain from bringing in anything with potent venom, and I think long and hard about any arachnid purchases, since all tarantulas have venom.
I did, however, get these two:
2011-09-26 B albiceps2011-09-26 G pulchra

The former is a Brachypelma albiceps, which look absolutely stunning when adults. The latter is a G pulchra, which will grow up to be a big, black terrestrial T.

I’ve also recently purchased a C Cyanopubescans, which are one of the most striking spiders around:
2011-11-07 C Cyanopubescans 02

In other news, Gulliver has moulted again, and looks like a mini adult now: 2011-11-09 Gulliver

Keiko, Deviant, Irwin and Lyra are all fine; Deviant is now 18 inches long, and getting very heavy!
2011-11-07 Irwin 022011-11-09 Deviant 012011-09-20 Lyra 012011-11-07 Keiko 04
Finally, I now own a young Royal (Ball) Python, named Oscar, who I acquired at Doncaster. He’s my first snake, and I’m utterly besotted with him. I don’t love the others any less, of course, but there’s something thoroughly captivating about snakes:
2011-11-09 Oscar feed 042011-11-09 Oscar feed 032011-11-09 Oscar 032011-11-09 Oscar 02

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Rats and spiders

I acquired a new spider on Wednesday, an adult female avicularia avicularia. She’s not the most thrilling spider in the world: the photo below shows a typical view of her.

2011-09-11 Matilda

That would be her back legs and her bum, hiding in her web burrow thing. That said, I got her, her glass tank, its furnishings and her heat mat for only £35, when I’d pay more than that for just her were I to buy her in a shop, so I’m quite pleased. She settled in well, and has slotted in with the others spiders on my usual feeding schedule, in which they all get fed on Saturdays. (If only all animals were so low-maintenance!)

I’ve also taken some new photos of Emily:

2011-09-06 emily 01
2011-09-06 emily 02

I only got one non-blurry one of Jalapeno before I had to cut my photo-shoot short because Keiko jumped onto my head:
2011-09-06 Jalapeno

Speaking of Keiko, here he is looking annoyed that I refilled his water bowl:
2011-09-05 Keiko 01

Here he’s just come out of his viv and was wondering what to do next:
2011-09-06 keiko

On a rodent note, have I mentioned Alva and Wiggles? They were abandoned on a friend’s doorstep. My friend couldn’t keep them, so they came to be Missy’s housemates:
2011-09-11 Wiggles and Missy
Wiggles and Missy
2011-09-11 Wiggles
2011-09-11 Alva 02
2011-09-11 Alva 01
Alva telling me that I need to clean out their toilet area.

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Monthly food budget

I’ve been keeping track of how much I spend on live food for the month of August, and as it’s now the 30th, and I know I won’t be getting any more food today or tomorrow, I can announce the results. So, here’s the breakdown of what was spent, and one what:

200 roaches (100 dubia, 100 Turkistan): £18
Crickets £2.50
Fruit beetle grubs £7.30
Butterworms £5
Locusts (3 tubs): £4.20
Pinhead crickets £2.50
Morios and crickets (3 tubs in total): £4.20
Mini mealworms: £2.50
Crickets x 2 and locusts: £4.20
Morios, crickets and mini mealworms: £4.20
Locusts £1.99

Total: £63.29

That’s to feed one crested gecko, one fat-tailed gecko, one adult bearded dragon and one growing Blue-tongued skink, plus 6 tarantulas. Admittedly my food supply isn’t empty, but it never is at the end of the month, so the monthly costs are about the same each month. Deviant is by far the most expensive to feed: Irwin doesn’t eat much live food, Lyra only eats live food but being small you don’t really notice her food in the total, and the same goes for the spiders, who don’t eat a lot. If I didn’t have Deviant the food bill would be about half what it is, I think. This total also doesn’t include the fruit and crested gecko diet for Irwin, or the greens for Keiko and Deviant.

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A mite-y update

Yes, I have terrible puns, and a recent problem with mites.

I’d ordered some cheap roaches from a member of RFUK, and they seemed to come with some free mites (they might not have come with the roaches, but I haven’t had a mite problem before, and I first found the mites with those roaches, so it’s a logical assumption). Mites spread fast, and they spread to my morio worms, my mealworms and the majority of my spiders. I wasn’t best pleased. I’ve re-housed the spiders (or rather, sterilised their tubs and contents), so I have a few sulking spiders – they’re sulking so much, in fact, that the only one who wanted to eat today was Gulliver, who’s currently devouring an adult cricket. As an extra aid, I’ll be ordering some predatory mites as well, to kill the pestilent mites which may have survived my purge. Let the war commence!

The reptiles don’t appear to be affected, although I’m unsure about Lyra and will be sterilising her viv and contents as a precautionary measure (she eats mostly roaches and mini mealworms, so her contact with the infested food is greater than Keiko’s, Deviant’s and Irwin’s). Deviant now measures a rather massive 15 inches long, and is several inches longer than her siblings who remain at the shop she came from. She still eats a lot – today’s food was 10 medium locusts and a pinkie mouse, and that’s about normal for her. She doesn’t get mice very often, due to their fat content, although as she’s active and growing I don’t go out of my way to avoid fatty foods, as at her age I think variety’s more important. She’s a nice weight at the moment, I think, considering that she’s growing very rapidly (she’s coming up to five months old now, so still very much in the growing stage, and they can grow up to 28 inches, so she’s got at least another 10 inches of growing still to do). She’ll eat pretty much anything, but her favourites seem to be roaches and morio worms in the live food lines, and rocket, raspberry and strawberry in the vegetable and fruit line.

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Spider update

It’s been ages since I updated my arachnid collection. I have gained three spiders, and then one of them died, so I have a net gain of two spiders. Firstly, RIP little Romeo, who was a very very small C. elegans sling:
2011-08-08 Romeo
He died last week, for no cause that I could see. It’s put me off little slings a bit – I know they’re fragile, and I knew having one so small was a risk, but I hate it when animals in my care die, especially so early in their lives.

Secondly, I have an as yet unnamed G. pulchripes sling, purchased via RFUK:
2011-08-13 G. pulchripes 01 That’s a prekilled cricket, by the way – otherwise his dinner would probably eat him!
2011-08-13 G pulchripes size comparison
With a 5 pence piece for scale.

And most expensively and impressively, my first adult spider, an Aphnopelma sp. ‘New River’, who I call Incey Wincey:
2011-08-20 Incy 01
2011-08-20 Incey 02

Gulliver has moulted, finally, and is now looking like a miniature adult – he’s also definitely looking male:
2011-08-08 Gulliver
He span a very impressive moulting mat, which you can sort of see in the above photo, although he’s still sitting on it. With his moult has come the appetite L. parahybana are famed for – he’s currently devouring a largeish dubia roach. I wouldn’t want to be the roach, based on the speed at which he punched, and the venom around his fangs.

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Adult ratties, plus young guinea-boys

2011-08-03 Raisin and Lily
Raisin and Lily. Raisin’s the oldest girl now, as Mags and Twig passed away last week.

2011-08-03 Mist 02
Mist was curious about my silver thing.

2011-08-03 Mist
Mist again.

2011-08-03 Dawn


Guinea pigs
2011-08-03 Machu
The boys
2011-08-03 Marmalade
Marmalade looking handsome. He’s half Abyssinian, half one of the long-haired varieties, and he’ll look a lot like Poppet when he grows up.

2011-08-03 Machu 2
Machu, who’s an Alpaca. Himalayan Alpaca, at that, and therefore doubly swoonworthy.

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