Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | May 1, 2011

Vivaria comparison

I haven’t had my Keiko long; I bought him on April 14th of this year, and he came with a 2’6” vivarium. He’s about 16” long, so he’d clearly outgrown it. Here’s a picture of his two vivaria, the new Vivexotic one on the bottom, and his old one on the top:
2011-04-25 vivaria comparison

That’s his Reptihammock on top of his current (4ft) vivarium: it doesn’t stick to wood easily, so I haven’t yet found a way of attacking it, short of screwing it on, which I’d rather not do. The numerous probes in there are for his max/min thermometer (a very useful way of checking the temperature at both ends of the vivarium at once) and for his thermostat, although I’ve just purchased a dimmerstat to keep the temperature more constant. At the moment when the cool end gets over the set temperature the heat lamp switches off completely, making the vivarium cool down quite a lot before it switches on again, and it takes a while to get up to temperature again, which isn’t ideal. I’m hoping the dimmerstat will be better for this, and be less wearing on the bulbs as well. You can see all Keiko’s furniture in this picture, buit I also have close-ups of most of it:

2011-04-25 Keiko

2011-04-27 Keiko

2011-05-01 01

He used to sleep behind the log in the last picture. He now sleeps in a corner under the (switched off at night, obviously) basking lamp, which doesn’t look too comfortable, but then, he’d sleep somewhere similar in the wild, wouldn’t he? A lot of US dragon owners provide blankets for their dragons to sleep on, in a manner similar to the current fashion in rat keeping. I’m considering it, but I’m not sure how much a reptile would appreciate that.


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