Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | May 17, 2011

The reptile corner – an update on the previous post

Okay, the reptile corner isn’t actually a corner, it’s one side of my room (and it doesn’t include Irwin, who lives in my bedside table).

Here’s a distance shot:
reptile corner 01
Keiko’s vivarium is on the bottom (he’s hiding under his log so you can barely see him), with his feeder vivarium on top, and next to it is my new snail faunarium.

reptile corner 02 - hoppers
I keep the hoppers (pictured above), crickets and mealworms in these tubs, which were about £6 each from Pets at Home. The tubs are pretty full at the moment because I just restocked them. I’ve been feeding the hoppers in a combination of Bug Grub, grass, and dandelions.

reptile corner 03 - crickets

Here’s a rather poor shot of the cricket container. Same set-up as the hoppers, and almost the same food, except the crickets don’t get grass, and they do get carrot (hoppers don’t seem to like carrot much).

reptile corner 04 - snaily
My snail house. I’ve only got one at the moment, an Achatina fulica or standard Giant African Land Snail, but I’m awaiting two young albino fulica in the post (hurry up, postman!).

Here’s a shot of just the snail (and hir* watercress).

*That’s not a typing error: snails possess both male and female sexual organs, and therefore should be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns, although I usually refer to Snaily as male.


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