Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | May 22, 2011


Snails are neither rodents nor reptiles; they’re molluscs. They are, however, classed as exotic pets, and I initially looked into them as a feeder for Keiko, hence their tangential relevance to Rodents and Reptiles.

I now have one achatina fulica, two albino achatina reticulata and one young achatina achatina.

Snaily’s my first, and my biggest. He’s the fulica. (Yes, I know I already posted this picture.)

albino snails
These are Ermintrude and Brian, the albino reticulata. They’re not quite of breeding age yet, but when they are, I’m hoping that some of their children will be sold on to other snailers, and some will probably form treats for master Keiko, lord of the household.

trio of snails
Oh my heavenly days, another snail! Snaily meets Ermintrude and Brian.

I have no photos of Tiggy (the tiger snail, aka achatina achatina) because he’s a shy soul, and only comes out at night.


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