Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | June 3, 2011

All change: RIP Tiggy, hello snail eggs and little Deviant

Tiggy, my little achatina achatina, has passed away. I’m not 100% sure why: presumably his conditions weren’t quite right. Poor little boy, I’m more upset by it than I thought I would be.

On a brighter snail front, I received a delivery of three baby albino fulica this afternoon. They’re the smallest snails I’ve had thus far, and they’re only about 1.5 cm shell length at the moment, so for the time being they live in a cricket tub where I can easily find them until they grow a bit. When they’re bigger I’ll probably house them with Snaily, and put the two reticulata in a separate house, to keep the species separate.

Additionally, I’d been worried about Snaily (my very originally named big fulica) because he’d been acting strangely. He’d buried himself right at the bottom of the compost, which isn’t like him. I found out the reason on Thursday morning: he was laying eggs! I have my first clutch of eggs now. I’ve left them where Snaily put them, as opinion seems to be divided on the wisdom of moving eggs, and they’ll come to no harm where they are. I know fulica are common, but I’m going to hatch this clutch and keep a couple of them back to carry on Snaily’s legacy, and use the rest as feeders to give Keiko a change.

Perhaps most excitingly, I have purchased a new animal: meet Deviant, a 6 week old Northern Blue-Tongued Skink.
2011-06-02 BTS

She’s currently in the viv Keiko came in, but she’ll be getting her own 4’ one soonish. She’s an active little girl getting into everything and attempting to break whatever she finds.


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