Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | June 6, 2011

Busy reptile and rodent day

In between running backwards and forwards caring for ill ponies today, I also had quite a busy reptile and rodent day: my live food arrived yesterday, so Keiko tried butterworms, and really liked them, and Deviant tried buffalo worms. They seem to be very similar to mealworms, so while she was excited I’m not sure I can say anything more about that. All wriggly food seems to excite her, anyway.

I then went to do some shopping at The Range (a bargain home store) and Dunelm Mill (another home store) as I’d been told both might have some bargains to be found for reptile/ snail use. I got quite a few things. The Range didn’t offer much in the way of repurposeable items, but I got a branch designed for birds to perch on for the rats (two, one for Missy and one for the group of girlies). Thus far they seem to really like their new cage decor. I also got a fake grassy plant aimed at aquariums, and a fake rock cave (also for aquariums). Deviant now has the rock cave, which makes a classier hide than the cardboard box she had before, and the snails have the plant.

At Dunelm Mill I got three fake ivy plants for the snails’ tank, a flat log for Deviant, and some tea towels and a fleece to make hammocks for the rats. I’ve finished one hammock this evening, might hold off on putting them in until I’ve made a full matching set, though. I’m tempted to give the new stuff to Missy, but I might give it to other girls. Moosie’s too old to use hammocks these days, and Lando ruins any that I give to him and Septimus, so they only get rope and denim these days.

Photos of Deviant’s vivarium and the snails’ tank will be forthcoming when I’ve taken them: I was too busy today.


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