Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | June 11, 2011

Feeding time photos, plus snail set-up

The snail photo is slightly out of date – I’d just put the cress seeds in at the time of taking the photo, and it’s now grown, giving a much more natural look to their enclosure, although they don’t seem interested in eating any of the cress. Still, the photo shows how I have my set-up for them. Snaily, incidentally, has definitely grown in the time I’ve had him: he’s huge now!

2011-06-08 snail tank

Additionally, I took the opportunity to photograph Deviant eating – a rare thing to capture, considering how quickly she demolishes her food usually!
2011-06-10 Deviant feeding 02
2011-06-10 Deviant feeding 07
2011-06-10 Deviant feeding 08

Those are mixed salad and mealworms she’s eating: I also feed her small crickets (the same size Irwin the crested gecko eats), buffalo worms (smaller and wigglier than mealies, and she’s probably a bit big for them now, so I won’t bother with them again), small dubia roaches (I’ve just bought a colony of roaches, so I should be self-sufficient with them by Christmas, by which time Deviant will be eating the same size of food as Keiko, I expect), and occasional waxworms. She’s too small for morios as yet, and I don’t feed pinkies as I don’t think they’re necessary in a smallish lizard’s diet.


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