Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | June 29, 2011


I’m terrified of spiders. I hate them. I can’t stand the ay they move, or their general demeanor of evilness. I’m told this is strange, when I like anything else that moves (incorrect: I don’t like slugs, either, despite my love of snails). Perhaps even stranger, then, is the fact that I own a tarantula.

In my defence, tarantulas (tarantulae?) don’t scare me. They’re even, depending on the species, almost cute. And I tell myself that a) little Rosie can’t hurt me, and b) if I can handle having a spider as a pet, I can tolerate moving a house spider from the bath, although the latter point remains to be proved.

Rosie is a G. Rosea spiderling:
2011-06-24 spider

She’s a very hungry spider – I’m currently feeding her four crickets a week, split between two feeding days. Invariably she’ll pounce on the first cricket I give her, and eat it straight away, and the second one never lasts long. They’re slow-growing, so she’ll look like a rather peculiar little creature, rather than a big hairy spider, for quite some time yet. That doesn’t bother me.


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