Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 1, 2011

Doncaster IHS show

The Doncaster reptile show is a highlight of northern reptile breeders’ calendars: it’s a place to meet fellow breeders, acquire new stock, shift old stock, and see some of the latest developments in the field. Admittedly I’m not a breeder, nor do I intend to be (which is why the fact that Irwin and Keiko are male and Deviant will likely remain unsexed doesn’t bother me in the slightest: I don’t need females), but the show was still a very interesting experience for me. It took place last Sunday, on the hottest day of the year thus far – 32 Celcius outside! – which made it hot and stuffy inside, especially with the large amounts of people there. Considering that I suffer from panic disorder, I coped very well with the crowds, and was more slightly irritated than anything else. I had only planned to possibly acquire a new rat (to be a friend for the rat I bought the day before – he’ll get in his own post in a day or so), but also came home with Lyra, a baby African Fat-Tailed gecko. These aren’t very common, so I wasn’t expecting to see any, but to my surprise there were two sellers who had some. Lyra’s a normal type: unlike a lot of keepers, my preference tends to be towards ‘normal’ or wild type colours, rather than the admittedly impressive morphs available for some species.

There were a lot of bearded dragons available, at prices ranging from £5 to £300, and I enjoyed drooling over some of the very impressive specimens available. I don’t have the space for another dragon, though. To my great excitement there was also a seller with some Red-eyed crocodile skinks, a species I’m very interested in, but I restrained myself, because I didn’t have a set-up ready for them. I saw a lot of leopard geckos, as well, and having seen a wider variety of morphs I’m more interested in them than I was before, but I still prefer fat-tailed ones. There were also a lot of snakes, but reptiles without legs don’t do much for me, either. I’m not sure why, I just find the various varieties of lizard much more appealing. As a side-note, I noticed that in general men tended to congregate around snakes; women around geckos. As my preference is for mid-sized lizards (bearded dragons, larger skinks etc) I’m not sure where that puts me.

In the non-reptilian line, I also got a Magnaturals feeding ledge for Irwin (he likes it a lot) and four boxes of live food – three of small locusts for Deviant, who continues to eat everything in sight, and one of mealworms, for Deviant and Lyra.


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