Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 9, 2011

New spider!

I’m told it’s not possible to be a one-spider person, although for most of my life I intended to be a none-spider man. I now have two tarantulae: Jalapeno, the G. rosea I posted before, and Tequila, a B. Boehmi. Tequila’s a juvenile, rather than a spiderling like Jalapeno, and she looks like an actual big T, just smaller, rather than a fat ugly little thing like Jalapeno. They’re both in cricket tubs at the moment.
2011-07-09 Tequila

And, true to enthusiast (and Asperger’s Syndrome) form, I’m developing a list of spiders I want, although I have no desire for arboreals. My current ‘want list’ is as follows:
G. pulchripes
B. albopilosum
H. lividum (although their reputation scares me)
C. fasciatum

I’m holding off on getting more for now, though – I’ve promised myself no more livestock (I also have two subadult full abino snails coming) until Doncaster in October, and then only invertebrates, so that’s most likely be spiders and phasmids.

I’d also like a couple of these for my spiders when they’ve grown up a bit more. Those enclosures would make my girls look so lovely!

Oh, and I renamed Rosie, so she’s now Jalapeno (Chile/ chilli). Here’s another photo of her. I’ve cut her feeding down to one cricket twice a week, as she’s looking a bit fat.
20-07-09 Jalapeno


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