Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 13, 2011

Set-up updates

I’ve decided that Deviant’s a big enough girl to move onto her grown-up substrate, aspen shavings, so I took some photos of her set-up, Irwin’s which ahs changed slightly, and Lyra’s which hasn’t been photographed before.

2011-07-09 Deviant set-up
This shows her full vivarium, which is starting to look small – I’ve sourced a supplier for a new one and that should be coming next month, I’m hoping, as she’s not much shorter than Keiko now – these guys really do grow fast!

2011-07-09 Deviant cool end
This is the cool end, showing her food bowl (with watercress), water bowl, humidity hide and part of her cave.

2011-07-09 Deviant hot end
Deviant’s hot end, featuring the ceramic bulb with bulb guard, and her flat log.

2011-07-05 Deviant 02
The little lady herself.

2011-07-09 Irwin set-up
Irwin’s set-up. Not much has changed here, except for his Magnaturals feeding ledge, which is new. He really likes being able to eat up high, and have somewhere else to jump to and from when he’s doing laps of his vivarium.

2011-07-09 Lyra set-up
Lyra’s set-up. The toilet roll tube is her hot hide, the two bowl caps contain calcium and water, and the big cave thing is the top half of a reptihide. When she’s bigger she’ll have the whole thing, but as she’s so tiny she only has half for now.


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