Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 15, 2011

New snails

I have finally received something that’s been on my radar for quite some time: full albino fulica!

snails 022
Jadatzi and rodatzi fulica.
‘Ah, I spy new snails… I’ll go and say hello.’

snails 019
Friendly snails!

snails 018
Three’s a crowd, even for snails.
‘Oh, you two don’t want me here. I’ll just go, then.’

snails 016
‘Where are you going? Come back!’

snails 015
‘They’re not coming back. Kissing their shell won’t help.’

snails 009
‘Your neck makes a nice pillow. I’ll have a snooze here.’

snails 003
‘And everyone touch the snail to their left…’

snails 002
The full group, comprising, from the top centre clockwise: rodatzi (albino shell, dark skin); jadatzi (full albino); 2 x white jade (white skin, will have dark shells as they mature); rodatzi; jadatzi; rodatzi.

I now have all my ‘coloured’ fulica in one 32l tub, and Snaily and the reticulata in another. Snaily is now 4 inches long, with the reticulata both at about 3 inches, so they should be starting to breed soon.



  1. Gosh, they’re beautiful :3

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