Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 16, 2011

Feeding habits, and a new vivarium has been ordered

I measured young miss Deviant this morning, having fed her her monthly pinkie, and a host of dubia roaches (my heavens she puts away a lot of food!), and she now measures around 12 inches long. It’s time she had a new vivarium. So I have ordered a 4 x 2 x 2 Vivexotic for her, in Tobacco Walnut to match Keiko’s. Once she’s moved into that, I should have two walnut vivaria on the side of the room opposite my bed, Irwin’s vivarium on my bedside table, and Lyra will move into Deviant’s old viv, which will be placed on the shelves to the left of my bed as I’m currently sitting.

I’ve noticed some interesting differences between my reptiles’ feeding habits. Deviant is a very eager feeder, and has an almost Pavlovian response to her feeding tub, immediately looking for food whenever she’s in it, regardless of the time of day. Keiko’s a more stealthy eater, and like me he gets the midnight munchies – he prefers to eat later in the day, and exclusively eats in his vivarium. Irwin asks for crickets every evening around 9pm. Lyra seems to eat opportunistically: I haven’t noticed her either asking for food or hunting for it, although her roaches and mealworms are always gone when I check, so she clearly finds them with ease.


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