Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | July 31, 2011

More newcomers, and my first reptile bite

I have gained another two creatures: two archachatina marginata var sutralis snails:

2011-07-29 Margies

In more invertebrate news, Emily the B. smithi has moulted, so I’ve upgraded her accommodation. I also got a couple of photos of her during the moult: 2011-07-31 Emily molt 02 2011-07-31 Emily molt 01

I’m fairly sure that she is, in fact, a she now, which is nice to know, and I suppose I’d prefer her to be female since they live longer, but I’ve no intentions of breeding her so from that point of view it’s irrelevant. Speaking of breeding, the baby rats are all Berkshires, two black boys and a blue boy, and one blue girl.

On to my bigger news: I have been bitten by one of my scaled charges. Somewhat surprisingly, the culprit was Lyra. If asked, I’d have assumed my first bite would be from Deviant, since she’s somewhat hissy in her vivarium, and a very voracious feeder so could be expected, perhaps, to mistake my hand for food (she did once mistake her tail for a cricket…). Instead it was little Lyra, who was sitting in her food bowl awaiting food, so I offered her a roach on my thumb, she pounced and bit, got the roach but me as well. For a small creature (about the length of my index finger) she’s got sharp teeth and a strong bite!


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