Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | August 17, 2011

Adult ratties, plus young guinea-boys

2011-08-03 Raisin and Lily
Raisin and Lily. Raisin’s the oldest girl now, as Mags and Twig passed away last week.

2011-08-03 Mist 02
Mist was curious about my silver thing.

2011-08-03 Mist
Mist again.

2011-08-03 Dawn


Guinea pigs
2011-08-03 Machu
The boys
2011-08-03 Marmalade
Marmalade looking handsome. He’s half Abyssinian, half one of the long-haired varieties, and he’ll look a lot like Poppet when he grows up.

2011-08-03 Machu 2
Machu, who’s an Alpaca. Himalayan Alpaca, at that, and therefore doubly swoonworthy.


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