Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | August 20, 2011

Spider update

It’s been ages since I updated my arachnid collection. I have gained three spiders, and then one of them died, so I have a net gain of two spiders. Firstly, RIP little Romeo, who was a very very small C. elegans sling:
2011-08-08 Romeo
He died last week, for no cause that I could see. It’s put me off little slings a bit – I know they’re fragile, and I knew having one so small was a risk, but I hate it when animals in my care die, especially so early in their lives.

Secondly, I have an as yet unnamed G. pulchripes sling, purchased via RFUK:
2011-08-13 G. pulchripes 01 That’s a prekilled cricket, by the way – otherwise his dinner would probably eat him!
2011-08-13 G pulchripes size comparison
With a 5 pence piece for scale.

And most expensively and impressively, my first adult spider, an Aphnopelma sp. ‘New River’, who I call Incey Wincey:
2011-08-20 Incy 01
2011-08-20 Incey 02

Gulliver has moulted, finally, and is now looking like a miniature adult – he’s also definitely looking male:
2011-08-08 Gulliver
He span a very impressive moulting mat, which you can sort of see in the above photo, although he’s still sitting on it. With his moult has come the appetite L. parahybana are famed for – he’s currently devouring a largeish dubia roach. I wouldn’t want to be the roach, based on the speed at which he punched, and the venom around his fangs.


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