Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | August 27, 2011

A mite-y update

Yes, I have terrible puns, and a recent problem with mites.

I’d ordered some cheap roaches from a member of RFUK, and they seemed to come with some free mites (they might not have come with the roaches, but I haven’t had a mite problem before, and I first found the mites with those roaches, so it’s a logical assumption). Mites spread fast, and they spread to my morio worms, my mealworms and the majority of my spiders. I wasn’t best pleased. I’ve re-housed the spiders (or rather, sterilised their tubs and contents), so I have a few sulking spiders – they’re sulking so much, in fact, that the only one who wanted to eat today was Gulliver, who’s currently devouring an adult cricket. As an extra aid, I’ll be ordering some predatory mites as well, to kill the pestilent mites which may have survived my purge. Let the war commence!

The reptiles don’t appear to be affected, although I’m unsure about Lyra and will be sterilising her viv and contents as a precautionary measure (she eats mostly roaches and mini mealworms, so her contact with the infested food is greater than Keiko’s, Deviant’s and Irwin’s). Deviant now measures a rather massive 15 inches long, and is several inches longer than her siblings who remain at the shop she came from. She still eats a lot – today’s food was 10 medium locusts and a pinkie mouse, and that’s about normal for her. She doesn’t get mice very often, due to their fat content, although as she’s active and growing I don’t go out of my way to avoid fatty foods, as at her age I think variety’s more important. She’s a nice weight at the moment, I think, considering that she’s growing very rapidly (she’s coming up to five months old now, so still very much in the growing stage, and they can grow up to 28 inches, so she’s got at least another 10 inches of growing still to do). She’ll eat pretty much anything, but her favourites seem to be roaches and morio worms in the live food lines, and rocket, raspberry and strawberry in the vegetable and fruit line.


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