Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | August 30, 2011

Monthly food budget

I’ve been keeping track of how much I spend on live food for the month of August, and as it’s now the 30th, and I know I won’t be getting any more food today or tomorrow, I can announce the results. So, here’s the breakdown of what was spent, and one what:

200 roaches (100 dubia, 100 Turkistan): £18
Crickets £2.50
Fruit beetle grubs £7.30
Butterworms £5
Locusts (3 tubs): £4.20
Pinhead crickets £2.50
Morios and crickets (3 tubs in total): £4.20
Mini mealworms: £2.50
Crickets x 2 and locusts: £4.20
Morios, crickets and mini mealworms: £4.20
Locusts £1.99

Total: £63.29

That’s to feed one crested gecko, one fat-tailed gecko, one adult bearded dragon and one growing Blue-tongued skink, plus 6 tarantulas. Admittedly my food supply isn’t empty, but it never is at the end of the month, so the monthly costs are about the same each month. Deviant is by far the most expensive to feed: Irwin doesn’t eat much live food, Lyra only eats live food but being small you don’t really notice her food in the total, and the same goes for the spiders, who don’t eat a lot. If I didn’t have Deviant the food bill would be about half what it is, I think. This total also doesn’t include the fruit and crested gecko diet for Irwin, or the greens for Keiko and Deviant.


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