Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | September 12, 2011

Rats and spiders

I acquired a new spider on Wednesday, an adult female avicularia avicularia. She’s not the most thrilling spider in the world: the photo below shows a typical view of her.

2011-09-11 Matilda

That would be her back legs and her bum, hiding in her web burrow thing. That said, I got her, her glass tank, its furnishings and her heat mat for only £35, when I’d pay more than that for just her were I to buy her in a shop, so I’m quite pleased. She settled in well, and has slotted in with the others spiders on my usual feeding schedule, in which they all get fed on Saturdays. (If only all animals were so low-maintenance!)

I’ve also taken some new photos of Emily:

2011-09-06 emily 01
2011-09-06 emily 02

I only got one non-blurry one of Jalapeno before I had to cut my photo-shoot short because Keiko jumped onto my head:
2011-09-06 Jalapeno

Speaking of Keiko, here he is looking annoyed that I refilled his water bowl:
2011-09-05 Keiko 01

Here he’s just come out of his viv and was wondering what to do next:
2011-09-06 keiko

On a rodent note, have I mentioned Alva and Wiggles? They were abandoned on a friend’s doorstep. My friend couldn’t keep them, so they came to be Missy’s housemates:
2011-09-11 Wiggles and Missy
Wiggles and Missy
2011-09-11 Wiggles
2011-09-11 Alva 02
2011-09-11 Alva 01
Alva telling me that I need to clean out their toilet area.


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