Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | November 21, 2011

Back from hiatus, with some new faces

I’ve gained a few spiders since my last post, so without further ado I’ll introduce them, give updates on existing residents, and save my most exciting addition until the end of the post.

I went to the September Doncaster IHS show, where I was very impressed by the array of animals, and sorely tempted by an M balfouri spiderling. I resisted temptation on the grounds that, as pretty as they are, I’m ethically against bringing an Old World spider into a shared household: I’m young and fit enough that a bite from one, while unpleasant, probably wouldn’t do me any lasting harm – my mother, with whom I live, would probably suffer more, and the cats and the dog would probably be killed by a bite. This is why I refrain from bringing in anything with potent venom, and I think long and hard about any arachnid purchases, since all tarantulas have venom.
I did, however, get these two:
2011-09-26 B albiceps2011-09-26 G pulchra

The former is a Brachypelma albiceps, which look absolutely stunning when adults. The latter is a G pulchra, which will grow up to be a big, black terrestrial T.

I’ve also recently purchased a C Cyanopubescans, which are one of the most striking spiders around:
2011-11-07 C Cyanopubescans 02

In other news, Gulliver has moulted again, and looks like a mini adult now: 2011-11-09 Gulliver

Keiko, Deviant, Irwin and Lyra are all fine; Deviant is now 18 inches long, and getting very heavy!
2011-11-07 Irwin 022011-11-09 Deviant 012011-09-20 Lyra 012011-11-07 Keiko 04
Finally, I now own a young Royal (Ball) Python, named Oscar, who I acquired at Doncaster. He’s my first snake, and I’m utterly besotted with him. I don’t love the others any less, of course, but there’s something thoroughly captivating about snakes:
2011-11-09 Oscar feed 042011-11-09 Oscar feed 032011-11-09 Oscar 032011-11-09 Oscar 02


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