Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | March 12, 2012

2012 new additions

Apologies for my long absence, readers; I don’t like to post without photos, and English winters aren’t the best time for photography.
The old gang are all still with me, so I’ll update on them first.
Master Irwin remains his usual cute self, and apparently I haven’t managed to photograph him for ages.

Master Keiko had a brief brumation, and is now feeling very active and very hungry.

2012-01-31 Keiko
2012-02-14 Keiko and his lunch

Miss Deviant is now 20 inches long, and getting quite heavy.

Master Oscar is now eating small mice, and has yet to refuse a feed (touch wood). He’s also my calmest and friendliest reptile.

Miss Lyra is definitely female (not that I’d have been upset if she hadn’t been, but she’s now old enough for me to be sure that she is indeed a girl), and is quite reclusive. I did, however, manage to get a couple of nice photos of her:

2012-03-11 Lyra 1
2012-03-11 Lyra 2

New additions

Bolin is a Chinese Waterside Skink and isn’t the easiest creature to see, let alone take photographs of, hence my posting the link.

Tinkerbell is a hypo butter female corn snake, pictured here having her first feed with me. She was a birthday present from my mother.

2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 01
2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 02
2012-01-31 Tinkerbell 04

Last but not least Daenarys is a young female crested gecko.

2012-03-08 Daenarys


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