Posted by: rodentsandreptiles | March 24, 2012

Snake in the sun

Spring has finally shown its face here, and a few days ago I took Oscar into the garden to enjoy the sun and the photo opportunity. The guinea pigs were out as well, but photographing them in their run isn’t easy, so I didn’t bother on this occasion.

2012-03-22 Oscar 01
He was shy at first and curled up in a ball on the paving stones.

2012-03-22 Oscar 02
He then explored the garden bench.

2012-03-22 Oscar 03
2012-03-22 Oscar 04
2012-03-22 Oscar 05
2012-03-22 Oscar 06
He explored the grass, too.

2012-03-22 Oscar 07
2012-03-22 Oscar 08

After that, he just hung around….
2012-03-22 Oscar 09
2012-03-22 Oscar 10
2012-03-22 Oscar 11

I also did some editing to make the semi-obligatory artsy shots:
2012-03-22 Oscar vintage 022012-03-22 Oscar vintage 01


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